May 2016

SIMPLY NAILS (20mins) - £18.00

For those patients who have difficulty in cutting their toenails but do not have any other foot problems. Nails are trimmed and filed. Thick nails are reduced where appropriate. A suitable moisturiser is massaged into the feet. If any problems are noted by the podiatrist, the patient will be informed and can arrange for treatment to be undertaken. 

ROUTINE TREATMENT (30-50mins) £20.00 - £30.00

Treatment time and prices vary according to the treatment provided and an extended time of up to 50 mins may be required for more complex needs e.g. problem nails, multiple corns and heavy callous. ROUTINE APPOINTMENTS provide the following care:

- Assessment of the health and general condition of the feet
- Nail Trimming
- Reduction of thickened nails
- Removal of corns and callous
- Dry skin/callous reduction
- Dressings and paddings where required to control infection and provide comfort
- Application of cream to suit the skin condition to lower leg and foot
- Gentle massage
- Advice and treatment for athlete's foot and fungal infections of the skin and nails

CORNS - £18.00

Painful corns are removed and suitable padding is provided. Advice for prevention of corns is given. 


(For an ingrown nail that can be treated without anaesthetic) 

This painful condition is caused by the nail growing into the skin at the side of the nail. It requires speedy treatment to prevent inflammation and infection. After treatment the nail is dressed and a follow up appointment is arranged if necessary. Advise is given regarding the causes and possible prevention of this condition. Surgical intervention may be advised.

VERRUCA S - £18.00

Treatment for verrucae will vary according to their type, their size and the age of the patient. Children are most welcome. The patient will usually receive treatment in the surgery and then continue with a daily topical treatment regime at home. Further surgery treatments may be necessary at four weekly intervals.

DIABETICS Type 1 and Type 2 £32.00 - £35.00

Routine (See above) plus Neurological Assessment. 

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics are strongly advised to take particular care of their feet. They may suffer complications as a result of their diabetes. These can include neurovascular changes in the foot leading to diminished sensation, development of ulcers and wounds that are slow to heal. 

A neurological assessment will help to highlight any early signs of poor foot health. The results and advice are given to the patient, and with their permission they may be referred to their G.P or Diabetic Nurse.


Nail surgery is most commonly indicated for the treatment of recurring ingrowing nails and thickened nails.

Depending on the severity of the condition, the nail may be removed totally (total nail avulsion) or the side of the nail removed (partial nail avulsion). To ensure that there is no further growth of nail, phenol is applied. 

This is a sterile procedure and is carried out under local anaesthetic and provides a permanent solution to this very debilitating condition. All post operative appointments and dressings are included.

Partial Nail Avulsion - £195.00

Total Nail Avulsion - £225.00


The evaluation of the feet, legs and body position whilst weight and non weight bearing. The results may indicate the advantage of orthotics to reduce foot, knee, hip or low back pain.